Recent statistics are showing an alarming leap in the amount of people affected with depression today. Depression is no respecter of persons and touches most families in some way.

Depression has many forms, but for many of us who have been touched by it, it can be like a very big dark abyss that has a powerful vacuum that continues to try to pull you down into its grasp. It is hard and a frightening feeling to feel like you are slipping and being sucked in, even though you are fighting so hard just to stay afloat and from sinking into the deep.  Sad but true is the fact that most of us at this point run from what we need most – other people. We withdraw and shut ourselves away emotionally (and sometimes physically) from those around us. Yet these people are the ones who can help to pull us out if only we would let them. ‘It’s not good that man should be alone…’ (Genesis 2:18) has just as much truth today as it did when it was first written. We need each other.

When I travelled this journey of depression myself I remember reading something that helped me a lot. It said, “When I am in a dark tunnel, I want to be with people who love me enough to sit in the darkness with me and not stand outside telling me how to get out.” This is why we need to not shut out and push away those we love, because these are the ones who understand us the most, and who love us the most. These are the ones that walk with you through the good and not so good times, and who are often the ones that know when things aren’t quite right with you and can help stop you from going down this road of depression – if only you would let them.

Communication and relationship are the two keys that can unlock this door for you. Communicating with those we have relationship with, spending time together, talking things through, and being honest with how things really are.  Communication and relationship – You can’t have one without the other, but it is a choice we must all make. To make the right choice is to choose a healthier and more rewarding lifestyle free from large pot holes and dark pits along the way and one that is not a dark and lonely place!  (DG)